Delivery & Pick Up

Delivery and Pick Up is offered for a flat rate fee anywhere in Des Moines.

Set up is not included with delivery and pick up but is offered for an additional cost. 

The fee IS subject to change depending on variables like distance, obsticles etc.

Delivery is also offered anywhere outside of Des Moines for an additional fee that will be determined based on certain variables. 

Customer Pick Up

Customer pick up is offered at no additional cost. I run my business out of my residence in Grimes so all pick ups and drop offs by the customer will be here. The time scheduled on the order confirmation will be the time that all pick ups will be available by unless discussed before hand. 

I set up pick ups under a tent with packing slips with your order details and name on them for easy location. Usually I am available to assist in pick ups and drop offs unless I have prior deliveries to make that day. 

Rentals are based on a 24hr period and are expected to be back the prior day to pick up at that same time unless discussed before hand. Drop offs are also located at the same area pick ups are located at (under tent).

I run my business as a self service if necessary. I am comfortable with customers picking up their items typically at any time they need and also dropping them off at different times if necessary.

Damage Coverage

The damage coverage is an optional add on to all equipment ordered for your event. It's a 15% charge per item, which often doesn't add up to a lot, but, covers you from having to pay 100% of the items cost if damaged while in your possesion. 

This damage deposit does not cover lost or stolen items.

If you wish to opt in for the damage deposit, please send me an email, text or give me a call and I can add it to the order.

Terms of Service


Rental rates are calculated as a single day rental rate. Rentals can be picked up same day at 8am and dropped off any time that same day when they are no longer needed. We also have longer rental periods if needed. The rental charge applies whether equipment is used or not.

"MUST OPT IN" - Good Deal LLC offers a damage protection for 15% of items on orders.  It will be labeled as " DAMAGE PROTECTION" on the invoice/contract. This insurance covers 50% of an items value if it is damaged or broken. 50% of the items cost will be covered by Good Deal LLC and the other 50% will need to be paid by the customer. ( If opting "IN" on protection, you will need to text, email or call Good Deal LLC at their phone number or [email protected] )
The customer is responsible of the full cost of replacement, if protectione is opted out, and/or fixing of the equipment if it is damaged or broken.

The customer is responsible for rental items not returned, theft, damage resulting from vandalism, damage resulting from failure to secure rental items during transport overloading or exceeding the rated capacity of the rental items, damage to motors or other electronic devices caused by artificial current, damages resulting from overturning, any damage due to weather, damage due to wind, any damage to property including homes, vehicles, any damage to third party sub rental items or speciality linens. Damage to property caused by weather from: tent tops not being removed during bad weather/high winds, chairs not being broken down and stored, tables no being broken down or stored, is solely the responsibility of the renter. 

For tent set ups, customers are encouraged to have all water, sewer, gas and electrical lines marked. We do not have the ability to check for hidden underground utilities. We will carefully stake down all tents but cannot be held responsible for damages we cannot see underground.

Delivery and Set Up
We are able to deliver anywhere in Des Moines for a flat fee, anywhere outside Des Moines will be determined. Please Call us for delivery charges in your area. Items are delivered a reasonable distance from the truck. Stairs, Elevators and other labor intensive deliveries are an additional charge. Deliveries are done during regular business hours. Additional charges may apply for off-hours delivery and pickup or for longer carries and non-ground floor delivery.

Equipment must be stacked and repackaged in the original containers when we pick up. Set up and take down of rental equipment is NOT included in our standard rental fee. These services are available at additional costs if arranged for in advance.

Kindly return rental items "food free" and in their proper containers. A cleaning charge will be assessed on any equipment returned dirty. Shake out but do not wash table linens.

Please remember you are responsible for damage to linens caused by mildew, burns or tears. Please do NOT store damp linens in an air-tight container, as this causes mildewing. Please return all skirting on the hangers provided. Skirting clips/pins need to be returned as well.

All rentals require a 50% deposit to reserve your item. A credit card with a limit high enough to cover the replacement value of all equipment being rented from Good Deal Event Rentals is required as a security deposit.

General Info:
Rental equipment can be picked up and returned from 8:00AM-2PM CST on the rental agreement dates, unless otherwise stated. Appointments are recommended so we may provide you with the undivided attention you deserve. Appointments are available beyond our regular business hours to help with your busy schedule.

50% of the rental is due at the time of reservation and the balance is due 7 days before the rental. Payment of rental fees, applicable taxes, and security deposits are required 7 days before the rental date. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and cash. Payment is due in full 7 days before your event at this point we will authorize the payment from the initial credit card that was used. Upon customer pickup or delivery we will officially charge the amount that we had pre-authorized 7 days prior .

Good Deal LLC reserves the right to secure the full replacement value of the rental order on that credit card at the time rental equipment is picked up. If a customer does not have a credit card with a sufficient credit limit, a cashier’s check or cash deposit for the full replacement value of the equipment is required. Personal checks and debit cards cannot be accepted as a deposit. Proper identification is required.

Modifying Order:
If you wish to add to your order please email us at [email protected] with your request and we will get to it the next time we are in the office.
Minor changes are welcome 14 or more days prior to your event.
Cancellation Refunds are not issued for items cancelled with less than 30 days notice.
Our 50% deposit fee is non-refundable.

The renter is wholly responsible for any loss or damage to the rental equipment during the rental period. Insurance coverage is not offered by Good Deal LLC, and is the responsibility of the renter. Proof of adequate coverage for the full replacement value of the equipment may be required prior to the rental.

Loss or Theft:
The renter is entirely responsible for the full replacement value of the rental equipment in the event of loss or theft. Rental fees will accrue on equipment that is lost or stolen until Good Deal LLC is reimbursed for the full replacement cost of the item.

Additional Charges:
The renter is fully liable for any and all damage to or destruction of rental equipment. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was when checked out or damage and/or cleaning charges may apply. All cables must be neatly coiled and cleaned to avoid additional fees. Rent may be charged on damaged equipment until the item can be repaired or replaced. 

Cleaning Charges:
All items rented must be returned in the condition they left Good Deal Event Rentals.  A minimum $50 cleaning fee will be charged to any items returned or left for Good Deal Event Rentals to clean. 

Keep in mind that when a reservation is made, the equipment is set aside for that date specifically for your rental and the appropriate personnel are scheduled for that day. Cancelations must be in writing and can be delivered to our offices in person, by email or by fax. If a reservation is canceled within 30 days of the rental date, the customer is responsible for 50% of the rental. If the equipment is en route or has already been delivered, the customer is responsible for 100% of the rental.

Equipment Performance:
All equipment is tested thoroughly before it is rented. Equipment is available for customer evaluation and testing at the time of the rental pickup/delivery and instruction is available on request. The renter is expected to understand the operation and limitations of the rental equipment. Good Deal Event Rentals is not responsible for damage caused by improper use.

In the unlikely event of equipment failure, please notify a Good Deal Event Rentals associate as soon as possible to obtain tech support or replacement equipment. Failure to understand equipment will not be accepted as reason for non-payment of rental charges.